Crowd Deterrent

“Outcast Mentality”

Crowd Deterrent

I’ll let their facebook band page do the talking, “Started in 1997 in new Castle, PA by Samoan Rob, the band has had 100 members and has canceled more shows than they have shown up to play. Many people have been injured, lots of property has been damaged, and not a dime has been made by those who have participated in this band.” Anyway, hardcore band from Ohio, Crowd Detterent has had many releases, those of which I know about, I’ll post links to for download. Go at it. They’re also having a video shoot soon for a new music video. Their newest recorded song, Outcast Mentality is featured above.

Blood and Family (2002)

Revenge Of The Scene (2004)

Crowd Deterrent / Creep Out (Japan) split (2007)

Crowd Deterrent / Numb (Japan) split (2008)
-couldn’t find download. let me know if you do-

Outcast Mentality.mp3 (Dec. 2009)