Aranea covered the ‘Diablo’ computer game theme song. Check it out & share it around.



New ARANEA song. It’s called ‘Consumed’ and is on an upcoming EP titled Proteus.

They haven’t had new music in many years so check it out if you like deathcore/death metal. Find them on facebook, they’re putting the whole EP up for free there once it’s out.


“Ritual of Chud”


Aranea is a death metal/grindcore band from Youngstown, Ohio.  If you’re into heavy, technical music, you will probably be a fan. The vocal patterns are very impressive and catchy as well as the rest of the music.  I’ve always thought they were underrated compared to other heavy local bands.  Although, their album, Incarnate, is almost now 2 years old, they’re still playing a lot of it live such as ‘Ritual Of Chud’ (song featured), ‘I Am A Death Incarnate’, and ‘An Exorcism of Infadelity’. They have new music written and planning to record in the future.